It's work Jim, but not as we know it...

It's work Jim, but not as we know it...


October 29, 2020





The future of work looks different from what we have previously experienced. So, as we all plan for the return to the office -  have you got the right partner to help your organisation?

RXP Group can help you simplify and automate your return to work plan.

Whether it is employee readiness and experience, accurate reporting, management of logistics and more, we can find a solution that meets your needs and ensures a successful return to work experience.

With over 10 years' delivering solutions on the ServiceNow platform, RXP Group is the right partner to support your return to work initiatives using ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace applications.

Implementing technology is one thing but knowing how to design for critical business needs, processes and policies to make the technology work for you is where RXP's capabilities set us apart.

Our customers are planning for their new normal; implementing COVID-safe plans for return to the workplace is front and centre. As an Elite Partner with ServiceNow, we will help you manage your employees' safe return by streamlining your reporting, tracking and planning activities.​

RXP Group can help you deliver integrated ServiceNow Safe Workplace applications which are the right fit for your business need now and beyond COVID-19. Talk to us about how to leverage your existing HR, Asset, Field Service or other ServiceNow applications together with the Safe Workplace suite.​

Unsure exactly how you will roll out your new safe workplace processes or need to accelerate your plan?

RXP Group knows how to implement ServiceNow's applications quickly and effectively delivering value, assurance and flexibility for your business. We've done it for complex, multi-divisional organisations as well as simple / single location businesses​.

If you want to know how the ServiceNow Safe Workplaces suite of apps can help your organisation, get in touch via the form below.

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