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How do you know you are getting the most from your Analytics?

The ability to ensure the best return for the minimum risk is desirable with any investment. The difficulty to optimise an investment with advanced technologies such as Tableau not only lies in the complexity and flexibility of the product, but even more so in evaluating and influencing how those are experienced and managed by the users.

For example, in their “Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics for 2020”, Gartner predict a shift from users requiring predefined dashboards to dynamic data stories using augmented analytics and NLP and recommend: “Data and analytics leaders need to regularly evaluate their existing analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools”. So how do you do this assessment in a way that considers both the users, the technology and the corresponding processes you have in place?

The Tableau Blueprint documentation is a great starting point, as it offers a complete framework for evolving Tableau and helping organisations become data-driven.

But implementing its recommendations is itself an investment that takes time and effort. After reading the Tableau Blueprint for the first time, you might feel slightly overwhelmed and still wonder where you stand or what you should focus on next. 

Start by measuring the tangible outcomes that your organisation has achieved and consider these 5 dimensions: User Experience, Content Quality, Governance, Platform Health, and overall Realised Value.

The 5 Dimensions of success with Tableau

Examples of these considerations could include:

User Experience:

  • Can you measure  the satisfaction of your users?
  • Are they finding it easy to access the content they need?
  • How is the response time on Tableau Server?


Content Quality:

  • Are your users aware of visualisation best practices?
  • Do they actually follow them?
  • Is the data presented accurate?



  • Are there processes in place to manage permissions?
  • Is there a governance roadmap?
  • Are project owners actively managing their content?


Platform Health:

  • Is someone monitoring memory and CPU utlisation on the server?
  • Is there an upgrade strategy in place?
  • Are background job errors addressed?


Realised Value:

  • Has the organisation experienced successes that would not have been possible without Tableau and can we estimate them in dollar value?
  • How is the overall adoption across all departments?
  • Are some licenses being under utilised? 


Once you have defined and quantified the appropriate metrics, the first 4 dimensions will highlight the risks on your Tableau investment (leading indicators), while the Realised Value dimension will give you an understanding of your current return.

By making this Tableau Health Check process repeatable, you will ensure you always track the value of your Tableau investment and know where to focus your efforts.   

Do you need help?

The RXP Insights team brings deep technical expertise, successful experience governing Tableau environments, and, using the Tableau Blueprint methodology, we ensure you level up to get the most of your Business Intelligence investment. ​

We have extensive experience in running Tableau Health Checks for organisations of all sizes and by investing in our Tableau 5x5, we can help you optimise your Tableau implementation in just 5 days.

You will get a high quality assessment and actionable recommendations through detailed technical and content review of your server, user survey and interviews, and a thorough Tableau Blueprint assessment.

Download our 5X5 Tableau Health Check summary and get in touch to organise your Tableau Health Check

RXP Group has been a Tableau Partner since 2013, was Partner of the Year in 2016/2017 and the Gold Sponsor of the 2019 Tableau Data Day Out. We provide end-to-end Tableau expertise and services including hosting, support, development, training and governance.

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